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Newsletter #4 | March 2022

Mad March! The heat is still on!


We attend a Permaculture Workshop, talk to local groups, prepare for our next BBQ, continue negotiating the lease with Onkaparinga Council and discover a good friend!

Royal Spoonbills loving the shallow water in March!

Bunnings BBQ

We're running another Seaford Bunnings BBQ! And we really need your help again. Our second BBQ fundraiser will be on Saturday 2nd April from 8.30am to 4.30pm at Seaford Bunnings.

Thank you to our volunteers who did an amazing job last time. A number of you have generously offered to help again on this BBQ - we will contact you soon to arrange the best time.

  • The funds raised from our BBQs will provide essential items not covered by the grant

  • We are hoping you can spare a couple of hours to help us run the BBQ, we need cooks, servers, greeters - about 4 or 5 volunteers in each shift

  • If you have family members or friends that would like to come along and help - even better! The BBQ will run from 8.30am - 4.30pm in 2 hour shifts

  • This will be a great opportunity for you to meet the designer of the Seaford Wetlands Biodiversity and Community Garden Project, Jack Clarke and the small group who have been meeting regularly to get the garden started. They are a great bunch of friendly people who have committed their time and energy to help create a wonderful community garden and to encourage biodiversity in the Wetlands area adjacent to the garden

  • If you can help, please send an email with your contact details and BBQ in the subject line and we will call back to match you with a suitable shift.

  • Our email is


We attend a permaculture workshop at the Aldinga Arts Eco Village

Tony, Lisa, Wayne and Kaarin attended a Southern Sustainability Session (Permaculture Gathering) at the Aldinga Arts Eco Village on Sunday 6th March.

A number of expert speakers introduced us to the basics of garden design, sustainable capture and use of water, managing weeds, collecting seed from native plants and vegetables, using dry and wet fermentation to preserve garden produce, using recycled items in the garden, and tips for growing organic garlic. Fascinating and practical information! Many thanks to Kaarin for facilitating our attendance.

Two of our excellent supporters

Congratulations to two of our excellent supporters who have been returned to office after the recent state elections. Chris Picton, MP for Kaurna and David Speirs, MP for Black have given us excellent backing for the project from its inception. We thank them and look forward to their continued support as we go forward with our plans.

An Important Part of the Jigsaw

Three of our committee are presently engaged in negotiating the lease with Onkaparinga Council. Although there are still a few areas being discussed, we understand that good progress has been made and agreement on several key areas is much closer. Thank you to Jack, Julia and Zoe for their work on this exacting task!

Rotary Club of Seaford

We have discovered this week that the Seaford Wetlands area has a very good friend in the Rotary Club of Seaford. They have chosen the wetlands under the Rotary Adopt-a-Spot scheme and they meet at the area at 9.30am on the last Sunday every month to conduct a clean up operation.The next cleanup will be held on Sunday 27th March. Please check their Facebook page (click on the logo above) for up-to-date information and if possible offer your support in the operation. There is a short video on their Facebook page that volunteers are requested to watch beforehand and information on what to wear during the cleanup.

Seaford Independent Learning Centre

Seaford Independent Learning Centre young people under the guidance of Case Manager Mark Orr have begun propagating suitable coastal natives which will be planted in the community garden and as the project begins they will also be involved with construction and art projects using recycled materials.

Meanwhile, dust off those work boots, gardening gloves, aprons, BBQ tongs and trailers - we will be needing them (and you) soon!


This project was seeded by

The Seaford Wetlands Community Garden is seeded by Green Adelaide.

You will find some excellent gardening advice on the Green Adelaide website

and in its newsletter online - just click on the link above for many useful resources.

Our Committee

Our committee is Jack Clarke, Kaarin Wilkinson, Nicole Fickling, Tony Watkin, Lisa Schuyler, Zoe Brooks, Owen Symes, Julia Hayden and Wayne Good. If you have any questions or ideas please contact Jack or Nicole via Facebook or our website. The next committee meeting is scheduled for Wed 23rd March.

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