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Newsletter #6 | June 2022

Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seed(lings) you plant!

- Robert Louis Stevenson


We continue our fundraising efforts as the council lease is on track for signing by the end of June. Planting Day preparations for the Wetlands get serious and we welcome a new Chair for our hard working committee. Thank you to Julia, our outgoing Chair, for all her work connecting with the community, Eldercare, service clubs and the council, and getting us very nearly to the signing table. Your work has been much appreciated!

Autumn in the wetlands. Lots of leaf litter and maybe some Shaggy Mane fungus Please note that identifying fungi is for experts - do not try these at home!

Bunnings BBQ

We're running another Seaford Bunnings BBQ and you are most welcome to join the team. Our next BBQ fundraiser will be on Sunday 14th August from 8.30am to 4.30pm at Seaford Bunnings.

Unfortunately we had to cancel our planned BBQ on Saturday 4th June due to inclement weather.

If you can help on our next one we'd love to hear from you. Please send an email with your contact details and BBQ in the subject line and we will get in touch to match you with a suitable shift.

Membership - now is a great time for you to join!

During the planning stages of the garden project, 17 people so far have joined as members of the Seaford Wetlands Community Garden. We expect this to grow dramatically once construction begins so check out the website and join now. Members will have access to the community garden plots, activities and workshops as well as being eligible to rent a raised garden bed. Membership is only $20/year for a household and a raised bed rental will be $80/year (including mulch, compost and water). If you have already joined or if you join before 30 June this year your membership will remain current until 1 July 2023 and you will be given priority for an individual raised garden bed. You will find a Membership and Raised bed application forms on our website.


When our lease negotiations finally bear fruit, this area probably will be where the action begins.

Labelled ZoneSeaford, we plan to build up to 40 raised garden beds in this area and establish a shed, pergola, compost areas, shared beds, elevated beds for wheelchair access and hopefully construct homes for native bees and worm farms. We'd also like to see the wall on the border with Eldercare used in a more appropriate way than just being a graffiti target. Your ideas are very welcome as usual. Look out for an introduction to the other 3 zones we are busily planning in our next newsletter.

A great selection of native plants purchased from Trees for Life this week to add to our collection of plants for our first planting day. Thanks to Lisa for collecting them this week. See below for details and how to join us.


Coming Up

Nicole, Lisa and Rory are organising a Planting Day in the Seaford Wetlands on Sunday 26th June from 11am - 3pm. More details are available and you can sign up for the day on the Eventbrite link below. Details also on our Facebook page.

Eventbrite - Mid Coast Sustainability Inc. presents Seaford Wetlands Planting Day - Sunday, June 26, 2022 at Seaford Wetlands, Seaford, SA. Find event and registration information.


This project was seeded by

The Seaford Wetlands Community Garden is seeded by Green Adelaide.

You will find some excellent gardening advice on the Green Adelaide website

and in its newsletter online - just click on the link above for many useful resources

Our Committee

Our committee is Rory Fitzsimons (Chair),Julia Hayden, Kaarin Wilkinson, Nicole Fickling, Tony Watkin, Lisa Schuyler, Zoe Brooks, Owen Symes, and Wayne Good. If you have any questions or ideas please contact Rory or Nicole via Facebook or our website. The next committee meeting is scheduled for Wed 15th June.

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