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Newsletter #23 | November 2023

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success. Henry Ford 1863 - 1947


Our Latest Working Bee - Sunday 5th November

Many thanks to the team of volunteers who made great progress in and around the raised garden area on the first Sunday of November. We extended the height of the garden fence with reinforcing mesh and will follow that up with a keypad entry system for our gates to restrict access to the garden. The Northern gate is now operational with the keypad system and an email has been sent to all members explaining how this operates. Please contact Wayne through the Garden email if you missed out on the email or need assistance.

Applying a stain to the garden fence pickets was also begun with the Northern side completed. This is a task that can be continued by any member with some time available. You will find the stain, buckets and brushes ready to go in the shed. Brushes and buckets can be cleaned afterwards with water.

We have sheets of plywood painted with a blue background. We’d love to see some artists paint informative signs to help bring a touch of colour and an eclectic feel to the garden. If you have skills in that area please get in touch with Rory through the Garden email for more information on the signs required.

Work on the spreading Dolomite on the pathways around the raised beds continued. This is another of those jobs that you could do any time you're at the Garden with a little time to spare. A Dutch hoe is a great tool for weeding the paths first, then rake up the weeds and make a heap on the Eastern side (but not in the compost bins). Dolomite (grey gravel) can be brought in from the heap outside the garden by the four wheeled garden carts and spread on a new section of pathway. Shovels, carts, rakes and hoes can be found in the shed.

As always, please wear appropriate footwear and be sun smart with a hat, sunnies and sunscreen when working in the garden.

It was decided at the last committee meeting that future Working Bees will be held on the last Sunday of each month unless advised otherwise.

Sadly we have had to take steps to lock the garden gates and extend the height of the fence due to several thefts of garden equipment and members' produce over the past few months. We are hoping that a new keypad system will allow members easy access to the Garden while improving the security of our people, their plants and produce and the garden equipment. Once you enter and close the gate, it will automatically lock. On leaving simply turn the handle clockwise, exit and close the gate behind you to automatically lock it. No scrambling of the entry code is required. This system is operational from now on the Northern left hand side gate. The Southern gate will soon be converted to the same system.

From our last working bee:


Growing tomatoes #2

Following on from last month's tips for growing healthy tomatoes I noticed that Sophie Thomson, one of our gardening gurus in SA, has written an article for the New Homes Advertiser weekend magazine on the same subject.

In summary, Sophie recommends -

  • Full sun but if the temperature is 35C or above then use 50% shade cloth

  • Avoid planting next to radiant heat sources - fences, walls etc

  • Fertile soil, compost and aged manure, pelletised organic fertiliser

  • Plant in warm soil - 18-20C is best

  • Plant deeper to cover one or two extra nodes = better root system

  • Feed, water and mulch well

  • Prune or not? Depends on the space you have.

  • Varieties? So many! Tommy Toe (cherry sized), Mighty Red, Grosse Lisse, Roma, Black Russian, Beefsteak, Apollo Improved, various heirloom varieties, the world is your tomato plant

  • At least 21 of our 32 growers in the garden have tomatoes in their bed and they are looking great. Have a chat with them and find out their secrets to success!


Fund Raising Bunnings BBQ

Our next Bunnings BBQ will be on Saturday 30th December to raise valuable funds for the Garden. In early December I will be contacting members who have already volunteered to help for a couple of hours on the day. We have extra places if you would like to be involved.


Love to hear from you - please email Wayne on the garden email:


Coming Up in the Garden and Wetlands in 2023/2024

  • Purchase of a new greenhouse to be built in the raised bed area

  • Paving of the area under the pergola and applying a second coat of stain

  • Finish staining the fence

  • Weeding the paths and spreading yankomite

  • Installing keypad entry locks on the Southern gate

  • Friday morning Social and Gardening Group - next ones are on Friday 8th and 22nd December 9am-11am

  • Working Bees - last Sunday in the month 10am - 3pm

  • Fundraising Bunnings BBQ - Saturday 30th December

  • Official Opening Ceremony! - Sunday 28th April


This project was seeded by

Our Committee

Our committee is Rory Fitzsimons (Chair), Kaarin Wilkinson, Jan Brown, Melissa Styles, Jennie Simon and Wayne Good. If you have any questions or ideas please contact us via Facebook, on our website or on the Seaford Wetlands Gardeners WhatsApp chat.


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