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Newsletter #21 | September 2023

More than a garden!


As the garden gradually evolves and takes shape we can't help but notice that it's becoming a real focal point for a number of different groups and community activities. There is the garden of course, with its 32 raised beds planted out with seasonal vegetables, herbs and flowers. If that was all it was, there's no problem with that - wonderful fresh, flavour,some produce, with low food miles, grown organically, watered economically, shared with others.


But it's much, much more:


  • It's a great area for young children, playing amongst the garden beds, helping mum and dad with watering and gardening tasks.  We noticed early on that pet rocks and small figures were finding a home in and around the beds. As they play, they learn and we know we are encouraging the gardeners of the future.  

  • It's a place where stories, knowledge, achievements and produce are shared. It's what a community does best and a garden community is a great example of that. Our Friday Fortnight group is a great example.  

  • It's a great learning area for students and their teachers to explore the wealth of knowledge and skill we already have, and to develop new ideas to cope with a relentless, ever-changing world.  

  • It's a place for peace, a quiet refuge from crowds and traffic, a place where anyone can sit for awhile and just reflect and recharge their batteries. The newly installed Rotary Peace Pole is a fine example of that.  

  • It's a place where people in the community can volunteer their services. This encourages a win-win situation with garden tasks being completed and volunteer skills and achievements being recognised.  

As we develop our focus areas and grow, we expect new activities to find a place in this wonderful area. We have a great committee working hard to improve the garden but it's a large undertaking - we'd love to see all members and friends at our next working bees or fund-raising activities.


Working Bee

On the 16th we all got together for a working bee in what proved to be an amazing example of community spirit. We established the native habitat for bush tucker plants, finished the market garden and got the dolomite under the veranda compact and level.


Peace Pole Ceremony

We had a great turnout for the Seaford Rotary's Peace Pole ceremony on the the 16th. Beautiful weather and a sausage sizzle to go with it.


Coming Up in the Garden and Wetlands in 2023/2024

  • Friday morning Social Group - next one Friday 13th October 9am-11am

  • Market garden planting - Sunday 15th October

  • Fundraising Bunnings BBQ - Saturday 30th December

  • Official Opening Ceremony! - Sunday 28th April


This project was seeded by

Our Committee

Our committee is Rory Fitzsimons (Chair), Kaarin Wilkinson, Jan Brown, Melissa Styles, Jennie Simon and Wayne Good. If you have any questions or ideas please contact us via Facebook, on our website or on the Seaford Wetlands Gardeners WhatsApp chat.


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