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Newsletter #17 | May 2023

"A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill - except for learning how to grow in rows"

Doug Larson 1926 - 2017

Our headline photo is by our member Manhal Shaawi of a Tomatillo (Verde Puebla) which has been grown in Mexico from pre-Columbian times and is now available to us here in Australia. This one is from Janine's garden. It can be used to make Salsa Verde with the addition of as much chilli as you dare for a very spicy addition to a meal.

Doug was famous for his pithy one-liners and the one above seemed quite appropriate as we grappled with annual weeds, soursobs, nut grass and kikuyu in the raised bed area that were surviving very well and certainly not growing in rows. Time will tell if we have been successful but at least we have managed to slow it down for now with a huge effort from our small band of workers and skilful tracked loader operator Rory.


Garden Social and Wetlands Planting

Sunday 28th May 10am - 2pm

Food, refreshments, composting workshop, plants for sale, meet other members and the committee, a rock painting activity for children. Help us on our journey to improve the biodiversity of the Seaford Wetlands with the planting of 1000 natives, explore the raised garden area with its newly created herb garden and children's area, and join us for lunch and light refreshments after the planting.

More info and free tickets from Eventbrite on the button below. Click to book.


A warm welcome to our newest members - Narrah, Hana, Elaine, Jennie, Shane, and Emma. They are already contributing to the garden through working bees, orchard maintenance, irrigation and fundraising at our Seaford Bunnings BBQ. Meet Narrah below in our Meet Our Member segment.


Meet our member - Narrah Zollo

Narrah Zollo is one of our enthusiastic volunteers who can be found taking orders at our BBQ fundraisers or wielding a rake and trowel on planting days.

It was a raw food workshop I attended over a decade ago, featuring a new and exciting leafy green called ‘kale’, that got me thinking about growing food at home. However, no budget to get started left me digging kitchen scraps into dog trodden dirt and builders’ fill to invite the worms in.

Thankfully, I now live on a large urban block with a food forest designed along permaculture principles out front, a more structured aesthetic in our ‘middle garden’ with semi tropicals and lawn for the kids, and the wilds of our ‘back garden’ where all the magic happens.

Raised veggie beds, chooks turning over scraps and bee hives helping our small citrus orchard produce a bountiful harvest in the cooler months, gives me plenty of 'green-time' during daylight hours.

I can't help thinking how blessed we are to have such an impressive community garden and strong gardening community in our local area. It is a wonderful initiative to be part of.


The Herb Garden

The herb garden has been planted with a wide range of herbs that will be available to all members. Thank you to Mel S., Chris, Jennie, Trevor, Apisara and Janine - love your work!


Highlights from our recent Working Bee (Fri 19th - Sun 21st May)

An amazing effort by a small band of members last weekend to clear the paths around the raised beds of grass and weeds, spread the first layer of crushed dolomite and extend the irrigation system into the market garden area (Thanks Shane!). Our Chair, Rory worked tirelessly, driving the tracked loader to scrape the paths and moving the dolomite into the garden area. We're not quite finished with this task so if you would like to continue the process have a word with one of the committee and we will explain how you can help. A huge thank you to Rory, Mel S, Jan and Robert, Shane, Jennie, Janine, Tyler and Ali, Narrah, Robert B, Mary, Judy, Debbie, Wayne and anyone I've missed (let me know and I'll update the list in the next newsletter.)

And at the end of the day a warm glow caresses the garden as the workers shoulder tools and make their weary but contented way home...


Our latest addition - The Wetlands View Pergola

Only the framework but with a roof and paving to come soon -watch this space.


The Seaford Wetlands Community Friday Gardening Group

All members are very welcome to come along to the social/gardening group held in the Garden enclosure on alternate Fridays from 9am-11am (the next meeting is this Friday 26th May. Have a chat over morning tea/coffee, do a bit of gardening, maybe work on an area of the community garden - there is no set agenda.

Contact the organiser Mel Styles through the garden email address below.


Fundraising BBQ - More Help welcome

Mel S, Wayne and Jan at our recent Seaford Bunnings BBQ in April

Many thanks to our workers at the Seaford Bunnings BBQ on Sunday 30th April. They raised over $1000 that will be very useful for important additions to the garden. A huge thank you to Narrah, Dino, Ellen, Rory, Jennie, Janine, Sky, Mel S, Jan, Mel NJ, Judy and Wayne for their help. We have another BBQ on Sunday 9th July at Seaford Bunnings and we would love to welcome you onto the team. Let me know if you can assist on the day for a couple of hours and I'll add you to the roster. Seaford Bunnings Sunday 9th July - we operate from 8.30am - 4pm Please drop us an email to or phone Wayne 0413 440 545


Coming Up in the Garden and Wetlands in 2023

  • Friday morning Social group - next one on this Friday 26th May 9am -11am

  • Social Sunday - Wetlands Planting, Composting workshop, Rock Painting, Lunch - 28th May 10am - 2pm

  • Bunnings BBQ fundraiser - Sunday 9th July

  • Orchard development and maintenance

  • Paths around the raised beds, sensory garden, wet area

  • Design and development of communal garden areas

  • Construction of another shed, meeting area, greenhouse

  • Entrance archway

  • Installation of Peace Pole by Seaford Rotary

  • Market garden area development

  • Wetlands view pergola (under construction now)

  • Natives (including native edibles) planting


This project was seeded by

Our Committee

Our committee is Rory Fitzsimons (Chair), Kaarin Wilkinson, Jan Brown, Melissa Styles, Jennie Simon and Wayne Good. If you have any questions or ideas please contact us via Facebook, on our website or on the Seaford Wetlands Gardeners WhatsApp chat.

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